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Hi! I’m Tarık Uslu, aka Ustakun. 

If we get to create together, you will see that I have the unique mixture of Turkish laid-backness and German discipline (I was born in Switzerland and raised in Turkey) – this brings a weird, but easy to work with person to the table. I love rules, there should be rules but some are meant to be broken, at least in design.  

You will be surprised to hear that my first love was literature, and I was in fact on my way to become a German linguistics major. During those 4 years, I also worked as a VIP guide and translator, and I started to wonder if this was all life had to offer. As a kid who was obsessed with Lego's, drawings, comics, video games, action movies and animation, I wanted more art and design in my life. 

So I switched schools at 24, entered the fine arts faculty of Marmara University, and called the Graphic Design department my new home.

I have worked professionally since 2012 and had the chance to collaborate with many influential and creative individuals in designing posters, a lot of illustrations and some art-related projects. I am in love with typography, illustration and the Japanese style of minimalism.  For more about me and the people I collaborated with, you can visit my gallery and my blog.

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